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    CCProxy Software : Share Internet on LAN For Free

    September 13, 2014
    CCproxy Main screen

    When I was in college, we used to have squid proxy server. Number of concurrent connection were limited and so is the bandwidth usage.  More over strict internet policy was big pain. There are times we used to find loopholes in the network to access internet without any limitation, and when our network admin used to find it, the penalty was no internet. In that case what we used to do is, we share the […]

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    BTracs : Private Torrent Tracker Registration Open Checker

    September 12, 2014
    Private Torrent registration checker

    When we classify torrent websites, we classify them into public and private torrent tracker sites. Demonoid is one of the biggest example of private and mininova is public torrent site. Bittorrent is one of the best way to download stuff from internet. You will find many popular operating system vender or file which are GB in size, torrents are one of the most convenient ways to download them.There are public torrent websites like mininova , piratebay which […]

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    Best Free Disposable Email Providers List

    September 11, 2014

    There are many Free disposable Email service providers which helps you to quickly get Email account for certain time limit and you can use it to sign up for many online forum and newsletter and keep your Email Inbox free of marketing and advertisement Emails, which you get after signing up a forum or for a newsletter. One of my Facebook friends asked, Which is the first site that you visit when you wake up […]

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    Photofunia : Add Celebrity Effects To your Photos

    September 10, 2014
    photofunia fun photo effects

    Photofunia is a popular fun web app for people who like to have fun. Photofunia is for people who likes to experiment with their picture and add effects into their photos. Unlike usual photo effects, Photo funia turns your photo into a celebrity image. You can add various funny photo frames and create nice fun photobox. If you looking for a website to add fun effects to your or friends photos, this is a great free website for you. Images speaks […]

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    How To Create File Sharing HTTP File Server on Windows using HFS

    September 9, 2014
    Share files using local HTTP Server

    There are many ways by which you can share a file with others and mostly there are two most popular options: Torrent: You create a torrent of the file you want to share and upload it to torrent site. I have shared a tutorial for the same here. File-sharing sites: You upload the file on a free file sharing sites such as Dropbox, file factory and others can download file from there. Today I will […]

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    How to Make iPhone Ringtone for Free Using iTunes

    August 29, 2014
    Make Free iPhone Ringtone

    When you buy a brand new iPhone, all you will be presented under the Ringtone sections is a short collection of iPhone ringtones that are honestly boring. So, it’s obvious that you will try to go to iTunes or browse your song collection to Make iPhone Ringtone. But, ladies and gentlemen, that is not the way you select a ringtone for iPhone. The process is quite different from that of a normal phone, and that […]

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    Most popular Social Networking Websites for Dating

    August 28, 2014
    Dating Social Networking Websites

    Due to growing trends in the world around us, it is very common that people look for various types of dating partners depending upon their choices and desires. Usually, in the society, it is often tough and weird to go around looking for a dating partner without having people throw their opinions at you. Now, doing them same online can immensely reduce the fuss of it all. Such is the power of online dating. These […]

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    6 Free Ways To Listen Online Radio Stations On Windows

    August 26, 2014
    Online Radio On Windows

    Anyone who wants to listen to free music of any genre can do so through Internet radio. There are a large number of online radio stations streaming free internet radio. A few of these stations are even void of any advertisements or commercials. Here are some Windows based Internet radio players that can be downloaded on the desktop through which online radio stations can be accessed. Most of these offer similar functions and features yet […]

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    12 Most Downloaded Games On Android In 2014

    August 24, 2014
    Most Downloaded Android Games

    As time has progressed, mobile hardware has seen tremendous growth and with the booming power of central processing units (CPUs) and graphical processing units (GPUs), mobiles can now run games that are both powerful and extreme fun to play with. There are now so many Android games in Google Play Store that it can become difficult to see where to start. Some of these games are free while others need a little money to download. […]

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    10 Best Meditation Apps For iPhone and Android

    August 22, 2014
    iPhone And Android Meditation App

    The word Meditation is derived from Latin word “Meditatio”, which means to concentrate, devise, contemplate etc. Meditation may mean different things to different people. It can take various forms for many people. But the end result is always good. It helps to improve concentration, focus and make us more immune. It is utterly beneficial for a healthy life style. Especially for people living in metropolitan cities, having a monotonous life-style, it is found that they […]

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