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    Best Antivirus software for Windows with Free Download Link

    June 13, 2014
    Free Antivirus Software For Window

    Being a computer user it is expected of you to know how important it is for your machine to have antivirus software (possibly a free antivirus software) to fight the threats that come your way as you surf the internet or attach various removable devices, such as USB drives or memory cards and etc, to your computer. There is a believed notion that antivirus companies themselves create and release viruses into computers. Nobody really knows […]

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    How To Share Music & Video Files On Whatsapp iPhone

    June 12, 2014
    Send music file via Whatsapp

    iPhone vs. Android debate is endless and being a hardcore Apple fan boy, I often feel the missing bits with an alternate way. One of the feature that I miss in Whatsapp version of iPhone is to attach music file and this is a big limitation. After iOS 7.X launch, I stopped jailbreaking my iPhone, and now I was looking for an alternate way to attach music files on my iPhone Whatsapp. In this tutorial […]

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    Best Alternatives To Facebook – New and Different Social Networks

    February 13, 2014
    alternatives of facebook

    Social networks have redefined our lives since their advent nearly a decade ago, and from then on, we were never the same on the internet. The picture that jumps to notice in our minds, when we talk of a social networking website, is undoubtedly Facebook. There are over a billion members to it and it was also funnily analyzed as the third highly populated continent in the world.  When time goes by, the mainstream social […]

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    5 Best Mac OS Download Managers Which are Free

    February 10, 2014
    free download manager mac

    When I was on Windows I was an avid lover of Internet download manager app, and now after switching to Mac I had to rehung for the best Mac download manager.  Download managers come very handy when you wish to download various kinds of files from the internet, such as videos, music, books, softwares and literally everything. Specially when you are downloading a big file online, it’s better to rely on a download manager instead of […]

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    How To Monitor and Check Mac System Uptime : Terminal and App

    February 7, 2014
    Check Uptime on Mac

    2 years back when I shifted from Windows to Macbook Air, it was one of the best decision of my geeky life. The transition from Windows to Mac was not so smooth, but if you ask for my advice; I will give all the points to Mac system. Being a Windows OS user for almost 8 years, even till now I’m learning basics of using Mac OS. At the same time, I keep sharing my […]

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    #IRE2014 Giveaway: Win a Brand New ZEN Tablet on ShoutMeTech

    February 6, 2014
    Win Zen tablet

    Update: We have announced the winner and contest is closed now! Find winner name below: In India’s fast changing business environment, technology will be the game changer. Are you one of those who is preparing to take the leap from the brick and mortar world of retail to the world of Online Retail? Or you are a consumer who reaps the benefit of Online Retail by buying from the several services that are online. Either […]

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    15 Interactive Free Online HTML5 Games for Fun

    January 15, 2014

    All work and no play make jack a dull boy. Importance of fun in our life has been truly elaborated in the above quotation.  We are working really hard in our fast paced life and therefore don’t get enough time for playing, hobbies or other fun activities.  I, though, find my time to play my favourite sports whenever I get time from my work.  But in between working days that are quite impossible, therefore, I […]

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    IRCTC eWallet Service Makes Railway Booking Faster

    November 21, 2013
    IRCTC eWallet registration

    IRCTC is one of the India’s most popular website for two reasons: It’s popular because this is the easiest way to book daily tickets from home. This site mostly doesn’t work at the peek hour (Tatkal booking time). The second point is based on my personal experience, as mostly 10 A.M., when tatkal booking starts, most of the time IRCTC site stops responding for hours. In the past, IRCTC team have made enough announcement about […]

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    A Beginner Guide to Edit Hosts File in Mac OS

    August 23, 2013
    Locked hosts file in Mac

    Hosts file is one of the important network file of any operating system. We all know about DNS, which maps I.P. address to a domain address. For example, when you type ShoutMeTech.com in your browser URL, your internet connection queries DNS system of your I.S.P. to find the I.P. address, and thus serve website in your browser. This also brought the concept of Public DNS, which I have already discussed in detailed earlier (Using Google […]

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    Free iPhone Ringtone Maker Apps : Customise iPhone Tune

    July 15, 2013
    iPhone Ringtone DJ

    It doesn’t come as a surprise that whoever owns a mobile device wants to have a ringtone that sounds different from the rest. I am an iPhone user, and you can’t believe how many times I had to change my ringtone because I heard another person playing the same ringtone on his or her device. It didn’t matter which ringtone I had selected for my iPhone, sooner or later I would end up listening to […]

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