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A Beginner Guide to Secure Facebook Account

Despite being one of the biggest time wasters of my life, I still love Facebook. It’s one of the best mediums to connect with all my friends with a feeling of Social. It’s true, now I don’t have to ask my friends what they are up to, because their status updates keep me updated (Pun intended). Anyhow, by the end, Facebook is the best medium to stay connected and updated [...]

How to Generate Google App Specific Password for 2-Step Verification

A few days back I enabled Google 2-Step verification to improve the security of my Google account. Since, I use one Email address for most of my Google services (Gmail, AdWords..), to ensure my login is more secured. 2 step verification is a very important step for the security of your account. Now, once you enable 2-step account verification, you might find it a little troublesome initially to set up [...]

Facebook Safety Tips to Keep Yourself Safe

We have talked a lot about Facebook safety in the past and one of the easiest way to keep yourself secure online is by knowing how do hackers hack. I’m extending the Facebook security tips by adding some useful tips to use Facebook safely. Before we move ahead, I recommend you to read my guide on How to secure Facebook account, which will give you some extra safety tips. Online predators, [...]

5 Top Internet Safety Tips And It’s Not What You Think

We have written tons of articles on anti-virus software on Shoutmeloud. The main agenda behind making you aware of such anti-virus software has been to make your online surfing secure. However, simply downloading an anti-virus on your system is not enough. You need to secure your system from other threats which can easily hack your personal details or confidential documents from your system. If you are connected to the internet, there [...]

7 Security Tips to Keep your Gmail account secure

We have already written a tutorial on How to check if your Gmail is hacked. Recently Gmail added a security level by adding mobile number verification for Google accounts. One thing which is common with Gmail accounts is, that it is linked with several accounts like Blogspot, Analytic, Webmaster tools, and so on. This is good but a disadvantage of this is the chances of security leaks from the user side. [...]

Google Tasks: Everything You Need To Know About The Simplest Tasks App Ever

Team Google seems to be in the frenzy with one product release after another in recent times. Along with the new Gmail design, Google also unveiled new Google Tasks app which is available for iOS and Android as an app. Google Tasks is not a new release, but the apps are. However, with the new Gmail design, Google Tasks have become handier. 2022 update: I have started using Todoist as [...]

How To Use Multiple Email Accounts With One Gmail Account: Tutorial

Gmail is an amazing mailing service which comes with plenty of useful and innovative features. Gmail Lab is a perfect example. There are also lots of features available that make Gmail completely different from every other mailing service out there. Here’s a scenario:  Being a blogger, I have multiple Google Apps accounts (Gmail for domains), but logging into all of my email accounts at once is time-consuming. I would really like [...]

How To Record Google Meet Video Calls – 2 Proven Tricks

Google meet is a great free tool for video chatting with a single person or with a group. You can always Live-stream Google meet with others on your YouTube channel. Depending upon whether you are the creator or the listener, there are times when you want to record the Google meet video calls. Recoding is important because you might need to reuse the conversation, talk, and discussions during the hangout. [...]

How I Got Free Kindle Using Payback Points (India 🇮🇳)

Do you want to get a free Kindle or a free Samsung phone? When I say ‘FREE,’ I mean it!  How does it feel when you know about something that can get you free money. However, you missed out on grabbing it. This is something that happened to me & I believe it’s happening with many more people around us. If, not you, your family member might not be aware of it. The [...]

How to Clean and Sanitize Keyboard in 10 minutes

For any used Keyboard, it’s important to clean them and sanitize time-to-time. Here I will share some tips to clean keyboard and later on how to sanitize Keyboards. Hand washing is the number one prevention to sickness causing germs. However, this is just not enough eespecially when one tends to forget to wash their hands often. For those who own a computer, here’s one way to keep you one step ahead from those [...]