How To Recover Hacked Facebook Account and Claim your Account Back

Recently one of the Shouter Emailed me asking about the process to recover a hacked Facebook account. Here is the exact email which I received from Gowtham:

One of My Friend’s Facebook account was hacked, and the hacker used that account to become the Manager of some pages which 30,000 Fans. The problem is one who hacked the account has removed all the Managers and has left only a very few Content Creators. Is there any way to Get that page back…??

In this case, his Facebook profile was hacked by a hacker and then the victim lost access to all his Facebook pages as well. And, once a hacker changes the Facebook login password and email, you are left with very little choice.

Now, you are not here to read that you have no way to recover your hacked account. Are you?

Well, I have a few suggestions that always worked and something you should start with.

Before that,

Facebook is the most popular social networking site, is always prone to hacking and I have shared tips to Secure Facebook account and security tips for your Facebook account.

Despite of all the measures you put in, Facebook hacking can happen at any time, and at any point due to various reasons, such as Keylogger used on your account, your friend or someone get access to your computer and use reveal password to get your password, or you might miss logging out of your Facebook account.

Once your Facebook account is hacked, all I could say is don’t panic, because it will not solve the problem. So take a deep breath, accept your account is hacked, and now all you could do is to work on recovering you hacked Fb profile and page.

Use Trusted Contacts feature to recover Hacked Facebook account:

A few months back Facebook added trusted friends feature, which is one of the easiest ways to recover your hacked Fb account.

Though, it has it’s own flaws as Hacker will generally remove all trusted contacts, and you will not be able to use it.

But, it’s always a good idea to use this feature when you are in trouble, and this guide from How to geek will teach you on Facebook account recovery using Trusted contacts feature.

Use Facebook Hacked Account Page to gain access:

recover Hacked Facebook

You should try recovering your account using Facebook hacked link over here, and in case hacker has updated your Email, phone number and other profile details, you should use extended recovery to gain access to the account.

This process may take some time, and there are not many steps left after this to recover your account.

It was kind of sad to see that there is no contact number or support number where any user can get in touch with the Facebook representative and report the issue.

But, you can always drop an Email to [email protected] and let them know about the issue. Due to the high volume of such cases, it might take hours or days to get a response from the Facebook team.

If your concern is somebody misusing your Facebook profile, and all the above methods are not working for you,  ask your friends to report your profile to Facebook, so that they can disable it.

Here is a useful image which shows how Facebook reporting works. (Click on image to see the full view)

Facebook Spam reporting Guide

I will keep updating this article with the latest information and if I find more methods to recover a hacked Facebook profile. Meanwhile, if you ever had an experience with a Facebook profile or Facebook page hacking, do share your story and let us know how you recovered your account.

Article by Harsh Agrawal

Harsh has written 159 articles.

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