Exclusive Phemex Crypto Bonus – $6050 Welcome Bonus

Phemex is one of the fastest-growing crypto exchanges that was incubated in Singapore. It offers multiple contracts, and spot trading and offers features like crypto earn, mobile app, and leverage trading to name a few.

To attract serious crypto traders and investors, Phemex is running a special welcome bonus promo that will enable you to earn up to $6050 by just joining and completing tasks.

Here I’m sharing everything you need to know about Phemex welcome bonus and the invitation code that you need to use to be able to participate in this promo.

Phemex Invitation code JQP885

Before I share how to participate in this welcome bonus, and the rules associated with it. Let’s start by creating an account on Phemex, and then completing the quest to enjoy the welcome bonus.

When you are registering an account on Phemex, it will ask you for an invitation code. Use the invitation code “JQP885“, without the quotes. It does not matter if you are registering an account via their website or mobile app, the invitation code remains the same.

Phemex Invitation Code
Phemex invitation code

Use your email and choose a password to complete your Phemex account registration. Once you have done all this, now it is time to start completing the steps to accumulate tokens up to $6050.

Depending on your level and understanding of cryptocurrency and trading, you can aim to earn as much as you can.

Phemex Welcome Bonus – How to Participate

Phemex welcome bonus promo is divided into two parts.

  • Basic tasks
  • Challenge tasks

1. Basic Tasks – Win up to $24.4

  • Level – Beginner
  • Time – 25 minutes
Phemex welcome bonus basic tasks

In this category, you can claim up to $24.4 USDT voucher, and most of the tasks are super easy.

2. Phemex Challenge tasks – Win up to $6000+

Phemex Challenge Tasks

In this category, you can aim to win up to $6030 worth of vouchers. Two of the tasks are easy to do, and will not take much time. Contract trading is something that may not be possible for beginners, but if you are an experienced trader, you can use it to claim $20 contract voucher.

Here are the important details for claiming $6000 Advanced deposit bonus:

  • Once you signup, complete your KYC within 7 days of registration.
  • Deposit crypto or purchase with fiat, and transfer funds to your Phemex contract account from the dashboard.
  • Ensure that there is no withdrawal or transfer within 5 days after the deposit.
  1. Deposit ≥ $3,000 and contract trade ≥$500,000 to get $100 bonus;
  2. Deposit ≥ $10,000 and contract trade ≥$1,000,000 to get $300 bonus;
  3. Deposit ≥ $20,000 and contract trade ≥$5,000,000 to get $1,000 bonus;
  4. Deposit ≥ $100,000 and contract trade ≥$12,000,000 to get $4,000 bonus;
  5. Deposit ≥ $125,000 and contract trade ≥$15,000,000 to get $5,000 bonus;
  6. Deposit ≥ $150,000 and contract trade ≥$20,000,000 to get $6,000 bonus;

Depending upon how actively you trade, you can win up to $6000 welcome bonus.

Important: Besides referral vouchers that expire in 30 days, all other vouchers are valid for 14 days after issuance. Bonuses have no validity period and won’t expire.

Conclusion- Is It Worth Trying for Phemex Welcome Bonus?

If you are using an exchange like Binance, Bybit, or any other, you must be paying a significant amount of money in the form of fees.

Upcoming exchanges like Phemex offers this welcome bonus to lure experienced traders to their platform, and offer heavy discount on trading fees. This is a simple customer acquisition method and is mostly offered by only those brokers or exchanges, who are sure that their platform will be utilized by traders after they have utilized the cash vouchers.

Having used the Phemex platform, I could see why they are confident. Nonetheless, the withdrawal from your Phemex account is near-instant, so you will one less thing to worry about.

Article by Harsh Agrawal

Harsh has written 159 articles.

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