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Subnetting is a process of dividing a network into sub network. This helps network admins to manage network effectively. For example, when I was in college we out main I.P was divided into two sub-network : One for college and another for hostel. Anywhow, in a corporate environment it’s more important to divide the network into different sub-networks to ensure better security. There are saveral subnet calculator tool are available online, which will help us to do the calculating subnet easily and quickly.

The basis of a subnet calculator

You might know that your internet connection has an IP address and that is a 32 bit integer and is specific to each computer. This 32bit address can be segregated into two parts, the network number and the host number. There are net masks that are present and they denote the Network number. In the past there were just three combinations that were in use. There were:


But, this had to be increased as there was a sudden escalation in the number of internet connections across the globe and thus there needed to be a change in the network numbers so that place could be made for the increasing number of connections and thus Classless Inter Domain Routing address came into being.

Subnetting basically entails assigning a higher order bit from the host part to the network part so as to form a subnet mask. Once this is done the entire network will get divided into various smaller networks. The subnet calculator can be chosen for large organizations which feel the need for smaller connections in the workplace environment.

List of useful Online subnet calculator sites

There are many subnet calculators that are present online and they come with a whole lot of features that will make the task of subnetting seem like child’s play. I have compiled a list of 3 online subnet calculator Websites,  here and they do the same task but offers some extra features too.


Subnet Calcluator

This site enables the calculation of subnets and apart from that, there are features galore that make it the ace site for people to use for the purpose of subnet calculation. There is no charge to use the site. uses the network class, IP address, subnet mask etc to calculate and the deliver the maximum number of hosts for each subnet that is created.

There can be hexadecimal IP addresses, wildcard masks, broadcast addresses etc that are displayed by the subnet calculator on the site. <Link>


Here is yet another site that will help you out in the subnet calculation and it is slightly different from the other sites that offer this service as it asks the user to enter the IP address and the number of sub networks and the hosts that are required per network and accordingly it calculates and displays the results so that all your needs are fulfilled. The use of this site is also free of cost. <Link>

Vlsm calc

VLSm calculator

This site will calculate the subnets for you and the speciality of the site is that it can calculate subnets of variable sizes if you need them that way. Other sites are only able to calculate subnets of the same size. You need to enter the sizes of the subnets that you intend to have. <Link>

As I mentioned there are many more such online sites which offer Subnet calculator but why to bother for more, when we already have few which does the job pretty well. Now go ahead, and split your main network into as many sub-nets as you feel is best for your organization.

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