4 Useful Google Plus Vanity URL sites

Google plus vanity URLIt’s been a while that Google plus has been out and slowly numbers of active users on Google plus is rising. Though, as we expected it didn’t turned out to be another Facebook and it has become a social networking for social media lovers and for internet marketers. Specially, Google showed it’s intention of using Google plus button every where, including replacing Youtube like with Google+ button. There are many features which is still lacking in Google plus and one of them which I feel is giving vanity URL to users. For example, my current profile link look like this:

And, if we get Google plus vanity URL, I would keep something much cooler like or so on. Facebook already offers custom URL for profile and pages which you can easily grab it from here. Now, we have two choices, either wait for Google team to launch vanity URL/Custom username for Google plus profiles or use any existing third party sites which offers redirection. It works more or less as URL shortener but by the end you will get a short URL for Google plus profile, which does the job.

Long URLs are annoying and in case you have a long Google plus URL then you have all the more reason to lament as it is so not happening because it just spoils your cool quotient on the site. Also, a Google Plus custom username is something that everyone desires. So why not have one? Did you know that you can actually shorten it and make it hipper than it is and there are sites that will help you do so? In case you did not know about and are interested in doing so, here are 4 Google plus Vanity URL sites for you.
Before you actually use any of these sites you need to first know what your URL is and for that you will need to copy the digits that are present in the URL that is presently existing and then you can use the sites that I have mentioned below for the much needed change.

Create custom username with Google Plus Vanity URL Websites:

There are many advantages of creating short URL of your profile, as it will be easier to pass it on to friends. If you are using Google plus as your main stream social media sites, it will be easier to embed the URL in your offline business cards. I have picked the best out of the long list, which has been there for long and have a good reputation. Else if any of these services dies, your Google plus friendly URL will start giving 404 error. So lets give into the world of Google plus URL shortener:

You can make use of this site to change your Google Plus URL. You first need to choose a nickname for yourself on the site and this must not be more than 25 characters. Once this has been done, you can create a nickname for your Google Plus account, as well. Now you need to enter the number of the URL that you had copied from the URL of the Google Plus account and enter it into the “Your Google+ ID” field that is present and then click on the “Add” button. Once this is done you will get the new URL that is shorter and sweeter than the one that you had. <Link>

This site also enables you to get a shorter URL for you Google Plus profile and making use of the site is also quite simple. You just need to add the username that you have on Google Plus, followed by the number that is a part of the URL that you presently have. Click on “Create” and the job is done for you. <Link:>

This one is the simplest of them all as you simply need to type in the user name and then the Google+ ID which is the number that you copied from your URL and then you need to click on the “Make URL” option that is present. You will have an all new concise URL for yourself. <Link:>

This site will do the job for you in three simple steps. Once you are on the site you just need to choose your nickname, then the numeric part of the URL, that is also known as the Google+ ID and then you need to log into your account”nickname”. The job will be done for you. <Link:>

Well, one problem which I see with these Google plus vanity URL sites is, they can shut down any time. For example, when I was researching earlier, I found a site call which doesn’t work any more. Specially if you creating custom username for your profile for Business card or anywhere else extensively, it won’t be a good idea to reply on 3rd party sites. Right now, it’s not clear when Google will come up with their own custom username option for Google Plus profile, but till then if you are looking for better solution, these are good else create your own URL shorten-er. If you find this article useful, don’t forget to share it on Google plus and give it a like.

Article by Harsh Agrawal

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    Hey Harsh,

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