BoxoPus Directly Download Torrents to Dropbox Account

I’m a huge fan of Torrents as they are one of the easiest way to download files on Internet. More over, for most of the files you are downloading via torrent, you don’t need to wait for single person to be online. In most of the cases there are multiple seeders (Uploader) for the same file, and with resume capability you don’t need to worry about disconnecting from internet and losing your file. Today, I will be talking about one of web-based torrent client which downloads the torrent file and place it directly into your Dropbox folder. This is useful for people in offices or colleges where torrent downloading is banned and they need an alternate web-based option. Though before we move ahead, here are some of the resources from the past which will help you to get more out of torrents.

BoxoPus : Smart Way to download Torrent into your Dropbpox Folder

Boxopus is a web-based torrent client which download files and directly save it in your Dropbox folder. This is currently in beta stage and offers unlimited traffic for now. Once it’s out of beta, you might need to purchase the traffic, until then you can enjoy this service to download unlimited torrent files. Also, when you are downloading any torrent file, make sure you keep a note of available free space in your Dropbox account.If your dropbox account have 3 GB storage and you download a HD movie file of more than 3GB, you will get an error. Now, lets learn how to use this Website and download torrents directly into your Dropbox folder.

How to Use Boxoplus to directly download torrents:

Head over to main site and register via any of the available social service options (Facebook, Twitter or dropbox).


Once you are registered and logged in, enter your email address to complete the signup process. At the time of writing, they are having some issues with Dropbox so they can’t deliver the file in your Dropbox folder, but you can directly download file from their Website. They will download the file on their server and you can one click download them using any of download manager.

Though, once their Dropbox torrent downloading service is restored, this is the process. You can browse a torrent file or simply add the .magnet or .torrent link in the add URL location of Boxoplus and click on Put in on my Dropbox. You need to authorize the access of dropbox and it will start downloading and will directly put it in Boxopus directory in your dropbox account. See the below screenshot for better understanding:

Dropbox torrent downloader

I like the idea of boxoplus to download torrent files, thought at the same time I highly recommend to use a good Antivirus software on your system as some time torrent files have viruses and can’t be trusted if you are worried about your computer security.

Over all, Boxoplus will be helpful for people who have Dropbox on multiple devices and they wish to directly download files on Dropbox. We will keep sharing more such useful links, don’t forget to subscribe to our updates.

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