Facebook Do’s and Don’ts for all Users

We all are aware about the word Facebook as everybody knows about this social networking site and may be using also. Facebook is a way to connect to friends and family in a very easy and interesting way. Using Facebook for the first time might be confusing for many,  but later on It becomes usual and everybody gains perfection in it. Facebook is not for fun only but it is a platform to learn from each other. Here are some of the do,s and don’ts while using FB.

facebook do's and don'ts

Do’s and Don’ts for Facebook Users

Facebook Do’s

  • Do use a real picture in your Facebook profile and similarly use a real name, place and address while starting. This will help us to connect to our friends and family very easily. Also make sure you add details like School and college, this will let you find many lost friends on Facebook.
  • Do check each friend request carefully after visiting their profile. It is not necessary that they may be using their original pictures so try to find them from their profile also. Fake profiles is nothing new on Facebook and if you wish to create a safe Facebook profile, make sure to check new friend request carefully.
  • Do use privacy settings while building up photo albums. As there may be such snaps which you do not want to share publicly. Their it will be better to apply privacy settings and limit it to your circle only.
  • Do tag the photos after uploading to your FB profile. After doing this your friends will be aware about their snaps and secondly it will strengthen your bonding with friends.
  • Do be tolerant when you receive unknown friend requests or you may not recognizing him/her. It is not the time to waste on them so it will be better if you will hit ignore option.
  • Do create List for your friends and family different as these are not to be mixed up. Both of them have different talking style and attitude towards you so use different settings for them and keep them away from each other.
  • If someone is stalking or harassing you on Facebook, Do report it to Facebook or inform your parents. Some time suck stalking leads to obsession and end up in a bad shape.

Facebook Don’ts

  • After signing up to Facebook don,t leave your profile as it.It will be better if you customize your profile with the help of privacy and security settings.
  • Don’t use your wall to announce your schedules, journey and plannings.This thing may be used by any of the enemy and can hinder in our work.
  • Don’t use public walls as your own one and try to maintain the decorum of groups and Fan pages. If you want to share something about you inspite of sharing it in public just share on your wall. Try not to do these 5 things which can make you a Facebook idiot.
  • Don,t accept friend requests from strangers and check each profile before accepting.
  • Don’t use Facebook for ragging and bullying anyone.If you will be found spreading rumours and fights or mentioned above it may lead you to legal action and this can make you behind bars.

Facebook is fun and a Social site and it’s our role to make sure we use Facebook safely and without giving too much information about ourselves Publicly. With the help of these points you may be a responsible and sensible user of Facebook.These do’s and don’ts ay be useful for new users of Facebook or for those who use it for a while.If you receive any friend request from a new comer to FB then recommend this article to him/her. Hope you enjoyed this article and if you have more suggestions for Do’s and dont’s of Facebook, let me know via comment.

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  • stargaterich October 28, 2012, 12:22 pm

    Great post on the dos and the don’t on Facebook. It is quite easy to get too emotional charge up and post sensitive remarks,only to regret later and its too late. One of the thing that I like to point up to my kids are that with great power comes great responsibility. One must think twice before posting on Facebook wall.
    Another problem with Facebook is that one can control privacy and restrictions of posts for friends but beyond that, there is no guarantee that friends security setting might be lacking so beyond your own account, any posts or information that gets into friends wall might become public.
    Last but not least, I don’t quite agree that we should put REAL name and contacts on the Facebook profile. I think we SHOULD not do so because of the various cyber crimes and dangers associated with online social media platforms.

  • mohit rathee October 29, 2012, 10:01 am

    Mr.Stargaterich in my opinion everything in this world have its good and bad both effects and i also agreed to your reply as after publishing the real name and contact we may be a victim of cyber crime on the other side it will be easy for our friends to search us…

  • Kamlesh Nishad October 31, 2012, 6:55 pm

    awesome post. You have mention importance of minor mistake which mostly fb user do. They announce their schedule,plannings which should be not done. I appreciate your superb post.

  • mohit rathee November 2, 2012, 12:26 pm

    thanx Kamlesh Nishad …and i advice you to follow these after reading if you feel so.

  • Pankaj December 27, 2012, 4:07 pm

    nice post, after reading this post i found out that i was making many mistakes, but thanks to you i rectify all my mistakes.