How To Purchase Bitcoins In India Using Unocoin [Tutorial]

Note: This tutorial is for residents of India only. If you are from any other country, you should read the Bitcoin buying guide for Coinbase. Have you been planning to buy your first Bitcoin in India? And do you also have no idea how to go ahead with this? Well, today is a good day for you. In this step by step guide, you will learn how to purchase your first Bitcoin [...]

Popular Free Virtual Credit Card Services in India

If you have been in the Internet space for quite a bit of time, then you’ll know that for a lot of International transactions, you’ll need a credit card. This can be a hassle because in the scheme of things a person gets a credit card the last. Although it’s become much easier to get a credit card now, it still has to be applied for separately, and you don’t [...]

IRCTC Connect : Download Official Indian Railway Android App

If you live in India and have used IRCTC site to book a train ticket, I’m sure you know the pain that you share with millions of other Indian users. After this post, your pain will be little less as Indian Railways have an official Android app in the Google play store with the name IRCTC Connect. Such an official app is long-awaited by millions of Indians like you and me, [...]

IRCTC eWallet Service Makes Railway Booking Faster

IRCTC is one of the India’s most popular website for two reasons: It’s popular because this is the easiest way to book daily tickets from home. This site mostly doesn’t work at the peek hour (Tatkal booking time). The second point is based on my personal experience, as mostly 10 A.M., when tatkal booking starts, most of the time IRCTC site stops responding for hours. In the past, IRCTC team [...]

5 Websites to Send Free SMS in India

One of the best feature of a phone is SMS (Smart messaging service). Now a days SMS is so common, but I remember those days when India started cellular service, and SMS used to be so costlier. None the less, incoming calls used to be paid,  and having a mobile phone with you, was a status symbol. Things changed and now we have services like Whats app, BBM, Wechat and many [...]

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