How To Do Clean UnInstallation of Mac Apps Using AppZapper

Installing a new Mac app is easy but when it comes to uninstallation, I always feel Mac OS lacks a desired uninstaller. For long I have been simply deleting the application from the application folder of my Macbook Air but it was not the right way. When you install a new app on Mac, it also install many support files, cache files and others which is not removed when you simply delete an app.

Recently I bumped into this useful Mac application call AppZapper ( cool name huh!) which uninstalls any app completely. None the less, it makes the uninstallation part easy. Let me quickly show you below how you can remove any installed Mac App using AppZapper.

How to remove Installed Mac App using AppZapper:

You can download the free version of AppZapper from here which is limited to 5 Zap (Not bad to start with). Install and open the AppZapper and all you need to do is to drag, drop and Zap any application you want to uninstall. Simply go to your Application folder, drag the application to the AppZapper window and it will automatically shows all other related files which will be removed. Click on Zap and you will have clean un-installation of the app. Make sure the application is not running, else it will not be uninstalled.

uninstall Mac App

If you find the drag and drop feature to be non-friendly click on the download link as shown in above image (Point 1) and it will open up the application manager window of AppZapper (Hit list) and from here you can select any app and remove it with one click. You can also sort app based on size or the app which you have not used for long. This is a good way to clean up and free space on your Mac OS. Here is a screenshot of AppZapper application manager:

AppZapper review

After using AppZapper, I feel it should be a default feature of Mac but anyhow this is one cool Application manager and uninstaller for your Mac OS, which you would like to have right now. The app costs only $12.95 but before that you can download it for free and get a feel of this useful Mac app uninstaller.

Download Free AppZapper Software

Here you can watch this video which shows you how to use AppZapper and what all it can do for you.


Do let me know which other method you are using to uninstall apps on your Mac OS? Do you know of any other similar app which you would like to suggest to ShoutMeTech readers? Do share this article with others on Twitter and reddit.

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