5 Best Websites To Send Free Fax Online

Long gone are the days when Fax was considering as the best and fastest way to send documents throughout the world virtually. With the rise of email and IM, sending Faxes has become obsolete. 

The problem with sending Fax was that you needed a printed document of what you needed to send, which would be of no significance after it is sent. That just complicated everything, increasing the number of lying papers on the desk. Although it may be now termed by many as an orthodox method of sending documents on the wire, many businesses still rely on sending faxes for their documentation and office purposes.

Businesses and many individuals in various parts of the world still make use of Fax machines for various purposes. Business, especially Small businesses could cut on their budget by going online, instead of relying on purchasing hefty fax machines.

Now that everything’s online, sending fax online, and for free has come as a boon for business owners. There are a few great websites that solely work for getting your faxes delivered throughout the world, at the comfort of your computer, and for free. 

Especially for bloggers, there are a few affiliate programs which will require you to send a fax for verification, in such cases these websites will be very handy.

Websites to Send Free Online Fax

1. MyFax

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Simple-yet-effective layout. Simply does what it is meant to and nothing more. For FREE accessing of this service, you are limited to sending no more than 2 Faxes in less than 24 hours. The maximum file size of each file should be under 10 MB and no more than 10 pages. Supported file formats include Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint files, .jpg, .pdf, .tif and .gif.

MyFax also allows its users to get their own toll-free fax number for a 30-day free trial period. It allows you to send 100 faxes and receive 200 faxes for free. Using MyFax’s services, faxes could be sent up to 40 different countries.

2. FaxZero

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If you are based in USA/Canada, FaxZero has your back covered. Faxes that are sent within the U.S. and Canada are free, but it comes at a fee for international faxing. FaxZero is one of the most popular services on the web, sending more than 6.5 million faxes for free. You can fax a maximum of 3 pages plus a cover, and only 5 free faxes in a day. The only drawback is their added ads on your documents, that could give away a little unprofessional feel.

The supported document formats include .doc, .docx and .pdf files. The file size limit is 20 MB per file. The best service provider to send faxes online.

3. HelloFax

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HelloFax is another one of the to-go destination to send faxes for free online. At HelloFax, sending faxes to international numbers is absolutely free, all but you need is a Hotmail or Google Drive account to use it. Faxes sent through this service will be stored into your Skydrive or Google Drive account.

The drawback with this service is you need to shell out money to receive faxes. 5 Free fax pages could be sent once you signup. Supported document formats include .pdf, .doc and image files like .tif, .gif, etc.

It also allows you to sign your documents from inside your browser.

4. PamFax

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PamFox is another one of those great services to send faxes online for free. This service allows you to send a maximum of 3 free pages after sign up.

This service includes Dropbox and Google Drive integration support fir your documents. You can also get a Free Fax number for a 30-day free trial period, which could be upgraded.

It is free standalone software available for Windows, Mac OS X, iPhone/iPad, Android and Blackberry platforms.

5. GotFreeFax

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If what you need to do is fax more than standard formats like .pdf and .doc, GotFreeFax is the service you are looking for. Apart from the standard formats, you can also send Rich Text Document (.rtf )  and .odt files as well. There is a limit of no more than 2 faxes per day, with each upload no bigger than 20 MB in size. Each file should be no more than 3 pages only. The service is still limited to just the U.S. and Canada for free, there’s a fee for sending international faxes. With Got Free Fax, the faxes are secured and also stored for 5 days into their system for future reference.

There are many more online sites which will let you send free Fax, but these are the 5 which I have tested and found them useful. Do let me know which one of this website you are using?

And, if you know of more such free online fax sites, do let me know via comments. Don’t forget to share this useful resource with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

Article by Harsh Agrawal

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