How to Create Torrent File on Mac & Share it on Web

I know many of you who are creative types, wants your file to reach to millions. Most of people here, use torrents for downloading illegal files, pirated software’s and all, but one of the legit use of torrent technology is by creating your own torrent file and sharing it on Web. For example, if you are one of those who produce your own videos and share it on Youtube, you can also create a Torrent file for your video and share it on torrent sites. This will help you to reach your video to masses. At the same time, you can always watermark your video and from the torrent description, you can drive extra traffic to your Websites.

How to create torrent file
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In this tutorial, I will be sharing how you can create a Torrent file and upload it on public torrent sites and seed it. The process is quite easy and there are many torrent clients which you can use. In this article, I’m using Mac and using uTorrent software, which is one of the best torrent client for Mac and windows. So, even if you are using Windows, the process is dead simple.

Do, remember this guide is for public torrent tracker sites like Mininova, Piratebay and so on and not for private torrent tracker site. For Private torrent sites, you need to get the tracker URL from the particular site, and I will cover that part in other article. For now, lets get start with our tutorial:

Step by step guide to Create Torrent file

Do make sure, you are the copyright owner of the file you are sharing and you have an unlimited or decent bandwidth broadband connection to keep seeding the file, you are sharing. First of all, go to uTorrent and download the torrent client. uTorrent will let you create torrents for free and in simple ways. Now, once you have downloaded and installed uTorrent, open it. Click on File > new Torrent

Create New Torrent

This will bring the torrent creation video, where you need to add the file or directory which you wish to share with the world. Simply, browse the file and directory and add the following trackers URL in the trackers list:





Now, in the comment field add few details about your torrent file. You can also add your signature, name, your internet name, Email or anything. Once you have done this, click on create and save as, now give your torrent file a name and save it. Here is a screenshot for the whole process:

Create torrent uTorrent


Now, you have successfully created your torrent file and you can share this file in many ways. You can directly email newly created .torrent file with a friend or you can upload the torrent file on Public torrent directories like Mininova, Piratebay and many more. In most of these public torrent directories, you need to create an account before you upload a Torrent file. Here is an example of a Torrent file I uploaded on Piratebay.

Uploaded Torrent File

My recommendation would be, always add a description of torrent file you are uploading and select the proper category, this will ensure more visibility. Also, you can upload your torrent file to multiple torrent directory, which will maximize the reach. Here are list of many public torrent websites to upload your torrent file:

Also, keep seeding your file until many others start seeding, else files with less seed does not attract torrent downloaders.

I hope this tutorial helped you to learn how to create torrent files on your computer, and if you still have any doubt or stuck at nay point, feel free to ask questions.


Article by Harsh Agrawal

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  • Gautam Doddamani January 27, 2013, 10:06 am

    thanks for the tut harsh…i always download torrents but never tried creating one lol! 😀

  • Irfan Siddiqui March 6, 2014, 2:24 pm

    This is what I was looking for; one thing, will it work on windows or it is just for MAC and, what do you mean by keep seeding your file how to do it?