November 2012

Useful Sites like IMDB – Good alternative for movie Reviews

If you are looking for movie reviews then the site that everyone suggests you is sure to be IMDB. There are no two things about the fact that this site is just fabulous and will provide you with all the information that is required about the movies, stars, producers, directors etc and to add to it, there are discussion forums that are present as well. But this is not the [...]

Torrent Handler : Convert Torrent Download Into HTTP Download

Yesterday I talked about Boxopus which is a Web based torrent client and today I will be talking about one more Web based Torrent client call Torrent Handler. Torrent handler works in simply policy of downloading torrent files to their server and  later on you can download the downloaded file from Torrent handler server. There are few benefits of using this service: If torrent is banned in your office or [...]

BoxoPus Directly Download Torrents to Dropbox Account

I'm a huge fan of Torrents as they are one of the easiest way to download files on Internet. More over, for most of the files you are downloading via torrent, you don't need to wait for single person to be online. In most of the cases there are multiple seeders (Uploader) for the same file, and with resume capability you don't need to worry about disconnecting from internet and [...]

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