Amazon Prime Air : Drones Future of E-Comm Home Delivery

Of all the tech companies around the globe, I love Amazon to the most. It’s not because this company reaches out to the masses or because it has maximum number of warehouses (96 in total in 2013), which they call as Amazon fulfilment centre, but it’s because this company is one of the most customer centric company. More over, what not to love about a company, when you know the Founder and CEO, Jeff Bezos used to deliver customer orders himself. After Amazon services started in July 1995, in past 13 years, they have come a long way. They are launching new services, range of products back-to-back, and as an E-commerce giant, they are expanding globally. I will not get into much detail about the past of Amazon, but I will rather talk about the Amazon future insight, which not only makes it an outstanding company, but a futuristic company too.

Meet Amazon Prime Air Drone: Future of Home-Delivery

Amazon is re-defining the future of their futuristic delivery insight with the help of mini-drone. Those who keep a close interest in futuristic technology must be aware of Drones and if you don’t, below video will give you an idea about what Drones are. Do remember, this drone is different from what you must have seen in the movies or from the news related to America striking terrorist targets using Drones.

Amazon Prime air

Amazon Prime air is not a concept, but a real-work which is a part of Amazon R&D, where Amazon announced to offer home-delivery of the products within 30 minutes or less. Imagine, you made an order and with-in 30 minutes goods will be in your hand. Here is the video of Amazon Prime Air service that every tech-geek or Amazon user should watch:

Amazon unveiled a brilliant marketing video which clearly shows how Amazon prime Air is going to be the future of home-delivery. Before you get too exited about this, it will take 4-5 years to see this in action or may be more. More over, don’t jump with joy; as reality could be as far as 10 years from now. Don’t forget the hurdles associated with delivery of goods via drones, such as:

  • Weather conditions (Rain, Storm, snow fall)
  • Birds (Yah, that could be real problem)
  • Air-traffic control ( If Amazon actually starts using drones for delivery, I’m sure they will not be the only one doing it. Time for Air traffic police?)
  • Delivery spot (I live in metro and the only way someone could deliver a good to me is by ringing the bell of my flat, and how will Amazon drones pick the delivery points?)

These are just some of the points I could think about the feasibility of this project and seeing it working. But, without any doubt Amazon has showed us the future, and there is no denying the fact that Amazon Prime Air has possibility to become as real as carrying TV in our smart-phone or using Wi-fi on the planes)… In the countries like India, it will take many ore years to see Drone doing the delivery of goods, but indeed from a tech front, I’m so happy to see that one of the most challenging job for E-commerce portals will be taken care by drones, and it will not be only useful for company, but will definitely make a customer happy. In case, if you have never got a chance to read about Amazon so closely, here is a video by CBSNews which will give you a detailed insight about one of the most loved company in the world.

I will keep you updated about latest news about Amazon Prime Air delivery and Drone updates, but for now you can find FAQ’s and more details about Amazon futuristic approach on this official page over here. If you have watched the video, do let me know how you find the idea of Drones delivering products to your door-steps? Don’t forget to share this post with your friends and family on Facebook and Google plus.

Article by Harsh Agrawal

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