June 2014

Best Antivirus software for Windows with Free Download Link

Being a computer user it is expected of you to know how important it is for your machine to have antivirus software (possibly a free antivirus software) to fight the threats that come your way as you surf the internet or attach various removable devices, such as USB drives or memory cards and etc, to your computer. There is a believed notion that antivirus companies themselves create and release viruses [...]

How To Share Music & Video Files On Whatsapp iPhone

iPhone vs. Android debate is endless and being a hardcore Apple fan boy, I often feel the missing bits with an alternate way. One of the feature that I miss in Whatsapp version of iPhone is to attach music file and this is a big limitation. After iOS 7.X launch, I stopped jailbreaking my iPhone, and now I was looking for an alternate way to attach music files on my [...]

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