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When ever I do a Torrent search , one of the most common problem which I faced is finding verified torrents. There are many private and private torrent sites, but I always wished if I can have a list of Websites for verified torrents, how great that would be. Anyways, here I have found a very useful Website for verified torrents call Vertor torrent. Honestly, this name “Vertor” doesn’t make sense to me earlier but later I realize it’s easy to remember. Ver= Verified and Tor= Torrent

What are Verified torrents?

Many of you, who are in habit of downloading torrent must have come across fake and spam torrents many time. For example, you downloaded a Hindi movie torrent, and after downloading you realize that video file is blank. VLC or any other media player can’t play. Or how many times, when you downloaded a torrent file and when opening video, it redirects you to some spam site or worse case scenario is you end up downloading a huge file in .rar format and there is no password. Site like Vertor which is a Website for verified torrents, helps us to get rid of such files. All the torrent files found in these verified torrent sites are genuine and with active seeder.

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Vertor Torrent site for verified files:

Vertor.com Torrent tracker website is one of those website which verifies the torrent file before you download them. Vertor websites scan all possible torrent files for infected Virus and add clean torrent files in its database and if the torrent file is a movie torrent it also put the screenshot of the video.

Vertor Torrent Website

Vertor Torrent Website

You can check the current stats of indexed torrent on the Vertor website here : Vertor Scan stats

vertor stats

vertor stats

Link: Vertor Torrent tracker

Do let us know if you know more websites like vertor or what other Websites do you use for  downloading verified torrents?

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