Top Indian Torrent Sites for Finding Hindi Torrents

Hindi Torrent SitesTorrent is the best way to download files from Internet and I have no reasons to say you stay away from Torrents.Though depending upon your country law, you might like to stay away from it. Anyways, here I’m sharing top Indian Torrent Sites , which will help you to pick best Indian torrent sites and hindi torrent websites. Most of the sites listed in this list of Hindi torrent sites require registration. You can find unlimited free hindi movie torrents, music torrents and educational documentary torrents.

Though in order to survive into private torrent tracker site, you have to make sure you maintain a good ratio. One easy way is to upload torrent files and enjoy a good ratio.  The quality of torrent on these private torrent trackers are the best, compare to public torrent trackers.

For those people who are using public trackers to download the torrent, they should switch to private torrent websites to boost their downloading speed. If you want to download any particular torrent which you are not able to find .

List of Private Indian torrent sites:

Well I had to update the list as one of my favourite Indian torrent site Bwtorrents.com has been shut down. So, lets look at some of it’s alternatives and other good sites.



Desitorrents is my favorite pvt. desi torrent site. Though Bwtorrents is quicker and have stronger community base, but I like the relase quality of desitorrents. Apart from desi movies, you can find regional movies torrents too. This again is either invitation based or donation based torrent site. < Link >



Exdesi is another desi torrent website where you can download Movies, Music, Tv  Serials and lot more stuff. Though unlike other Indian torrent sites, this is not a free site. This torrent site is a portal for verified members and you need to make a payment of $5 at the time of registration to verify yourself. I skipped registering into this one, as I have already membership with above two.Though, site released the latest bollywood movie torrents instantly and probably you might like to check out Exdesi <Link>

Well there are more Indian torrents sites and we will keep updating out list as soon as we spot an upcoming and active desi torrent website.

Article by Harsh Agrawal

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  • Dhruv Parekh January 3, 2016, 2:02 pm

    Torbox.net is also a great place to get torrents… Because it shows the available torrents in our vicinity thus giving us download speeds upto 3.5 Mbps even if we have a slow Internet Connection. I have an Internet Connection of 800 Kbps plan, But torrents from torbox.net give me a download speed of 3.5 Mbps and so I download movies in just 3 to 5 minutes!! Its just that your ISP[Internet Service Provider] should be a member of their peering network.


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