Online Virtual GirlFriend Game [NSFW]

The way world is moving to online dating and online girlfriend, Virtual girlfriend is not an old concept. When you work 24*7 online, you probably won’t have time to socialize. There are many online dating sites but they are useless. How about you find a girlfriend in more geeky way. Yes, I’m talking about Virtual world girl-friend. Obviously it might not be as smart as your real girlfriend, but if you looking for some timepass and kill your boredom, this virtual girl friend will give you some nice Giggle.


What exactly is Virtual Girlfriend?

I’m not talking about those webcam sites or adult sites which offer content and you get some lonely time with a girl to spend with. But, here I’m talking about those website which adds roleplay game in the form of Girl. Where you give a command and girl will do it. Though the game which I mentioned here is NSFW nature but there is no nudity.

Best option which I can give you is grab a beer and go for a date with this virtual girlfriend but hey you better don’t go nasty. 😉

p.s: Only for 13+

Link: Virtual girlfriend

Adding more into your joy, here are some videos for Virtual world lover:

If you get really obsessed with this concept, you can also consider buying 2D bedsheet, which gives a feel of someone closer to you:

If you know more such sites, do let us know via comment.


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